Best Park in Gilbert Arizona - Gilbert Regional Park

 The Best Park in Gilbert, is the newly built and still expanding Gilbert Regional Park. The park is huge, has tons of open space, green grass, incredible events for the local community.  And it is still expanding.  The park is a current representation of what todays family is looking for.  The park has a massive splash pad for the hot summer months where the temperature regularly can get over 110 degrees.  The park has a huge playground that can be enjoyed by toddlers and elementary aged school kids through out the year. It also has dozens of sport courts that allow local Gilbert residents to play pickle ball, basketball, and tennis.  Add in the beach volleyball courts and you have the foundation of an incredible park.  To me what sets Gilbert apart from where I used to live in Los Angeles is the cost of living.  A park like this in Los Angeles would either be over crowded and quickly run down, or would cost $20-$30 per person to get into.  One of the many things I love about Gilbert,

Favorite Taco in Gilbert - Rusty Taco

 The winner of my favorite taco in Gilbert is Rusty Taco .  I love Rusty Taco for several reason which I will highlight below.   I have always been a fan of what I call street tacos.  These are smaller tortillas, couple bites max.  The reason I like street tacos is I prefer to have 3-4 different flavors when enjoying tacos.  This allows me to have a couple of bites, enjoy that particular taco and then move on and try a different flavor.  For me this is how I enjoy tacos.  Rusty tacos specializes in smaller street tacos.  So that is the first thing, I like about Rusty Taco. The second thing I love about Rusty taco is the eclectic tacos they have available to choose from.  Rusty Taco allows you to choose from chicken, beef, ground turkey, carne asada, carnitas, brisket, fresh fish, fried fish, and even break tacos with eggs and various breakfast meats. I personally order the #5 Brisket Taco, The #7 Fish Taco (One Fresh & One Fried), and then a wild card taco which lately has been th

Gilbert Reviews - About

 Gilbert Reviews: Here we will review local businesses in the Gilbert area and highlight what we love and what we wish they would do better. If there is a business you want us to review leave a comment and we will review the business and let you know our thoughts.  Any reviews are the persona opinions of William Hambley. If you have a different opinion that is great share it here.  We can all agree to disagree.  Sometimes I will love a place that you will not like and vice versa.  Thats ok, but still treat people with kindness.  As a fellow local business owner I know that running a business is not easy, but it is well worth it to be a part of the community and to have a positive impact on your neighbors.  But I also know not everyone will like everyone. For more day to day postings check out my tumblr account and feel free to engage with me there as well. Gilbert Reviews Tumblr Account. I am an avid walker.  If there is a trail in or around Gilbert, I have likely walked on it.  On an